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If you need to improve your commercial security in Weston-super-Mare, speak to the experts at Spansec Security. With over 30 years of experience and accredited by the SSAIB for intruder and CCTV installation, you can have total confidence you are investing in robust security systems. We have been supplying commercial security systems to offices, financial services, construction sites and schools throughout Somerset for years, and have over 4500 customers in the South West. Our fully qualified engineers offer professional installation of fire and intruder alarms, door access systems and CCTV cameras. If you think your business could be better protected, get in contact for our security services today.

Security System Maintenance

We are proud to offer full security system maintenance in accordance with British Standards. This maintenance is critical for preserving the health and also the functionality of your systems. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Full electronic checks including installation, location, power supply and control units.
  • We will also provide an engineer’s report.
  • Inspecting all flexible connections.
  • Checking the remote signalling equipment. Furthermore, we will test the remote signalling equipment communication to the alarm receiving centre.
  • Checking all audible warning and alarm devices.

Our Security Monitoring Packages

Security monitoring is also highly important, and we host our solution packages from one of our two monitoring stations. Our monitoring packages will give you peace of mind knowing that your security is our top priority.

CSL Dualcom

Our most popular communicator is accepted by all insurers and is an extremely reliable dual signalling unit. It has a primary radio path (such as a mobile phone) but has the advantage of a world sim. This will scan all networks if you lose your signal to prevent any radio path downtime. Furthermore, it will use the back up (ptsn) landline to monitor the line and send blocked signals. Available grades 2, 3 and 4 (gsm and ptsn).

csl dualcom

Scantronic 8400 Digicom

This is the most affordable monitoring system via a monitoring station. It only acts over a single path signalling, and the line is monitored over 23 hours to check for any damages. Available on grade 2 (ptsn only).

BT’s Redcare

This dual communicating unit is accepted by all insurers. However, they must have a primary ptsn landline that is monitored with a radio path (such as a mobile phone). As a result, if your landline were to be cut this will send instant signals. Available grades 2, 3, and 4 (gsm and ptsn).

BT redcare
Hikvision logo

Pyronix Hikvision V2 GSM Speech Dialler

The Pyronix GSM Speech Dialler is a flexible unit that will automatically send out alarm text messages or calls when the intruder, fire or panic alarm system has been triggered. The unit can also be used as a fully functional telephone if required. As a result, you can be notified of a fire or break in, as it happens. 

  • GSM
  • Hands free with on-board microphone and speaker
  • Remote microphone and speaker outputs
  • Can be used as a telephone
  • Up to 9 destination phone numbers
  • Up to 256 date and time stamped memory log
  • External antenna
  • Remote control
  • 4 on-board programmable outputs (can be expanded up to 52)
  • 6 on-board programmable inputs (can expanded up to 14)
  • Output remote control
  • Sign of life test calls
  • Jamming detection

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