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The company offers this agreement to maintain and service your intruder alarm system equipment only on an annual basis to the following terms and  conditions. An invitation to renew invoice is sent prior to expiry of the annual term that will show the extent of the cover offered by a ‘star’ rating system. Please ensure that you have the correct band of cover you require or that is demanded by insurance. By paying for the cover offered you are deemed to accept all terms as stated.

WHAT IS COVERED*: 1. Regular Preventive Maintenance Checks (PMC) on the operation and condition of the system as to the recommendations of the prevailing (British) Standards BS9263. PMC’s are only carried out within normal weekday hours. To keep the cost to you down, NO timed appointments are available but preferred days and/or AM/PM preference may be given and we will try our best to accommodate. 2. Service requests to repair or replace any equipment failing in operation, that is installed as part of the alarm system only. Please ensure a request for service is made before 10.00am to ensure prompt attention .3. Provision for the calling out of an engineer in an emergency being outside of normal working hours as to the prevailing standards and requirements. Plus 24/7 telephone access to our customer Helpline for resetting and any general enquiries or problems etc.. 4.   The unit cost of parts and spares used to repair or replace any equipment deemed to be unserviceable. 5.  The cost of all call-out and labour charges incurred. (only including system / operational faults not customers personal amendments). 6. The loan of temporary equipment, ONLY IF AVAILABLE, to keep the system operating should any of the customers own equipment need taking out for repair or while waiting for replacement stock to be delivered. 7. The loan of any temporary detection devices needed to give cover during any work being carried out at the premises that would effect the security of the building. Subject to availability only.

 WHAT IS NOT COVERED*: 8.Any call carried out as a result of equipment or service failure effecting the system, that has been provided by any other parties such as the telephone line, Electricity supply or any equipment installed by others. This will also include any security lights, access systems, locks, fire sensors or cctv even if we fitted them during alarm installation unless a combined agreement has be taken out and confirmed in writing. 9. Any damage to the system by whatever or whoever that would normally be expected to be covered by customers insurance, including any damage done by the elements, either at the time ie Storm Damage or later due to rot or corrosion/rusting. Including Electrical surges from the mains supply for whatever reason. 10. The updating or upgrading of equipment for any reason. 11. Any call needed to reset the system due to customer operating error, neglect to secure the system or the premises and in connection with the requirements of the (ACPO) Police Policy on Intruder alarms with regard to the resetting of communicators. 12. This contract does not cover any faults and/or problems that occurred prior to the start date to include any problems and/or faults shown on the system log that were present prior to start date. All faults and/or problems shown on the system log must have been cleared prior to starting the cover. 13. This is a service and maintenance agreement and does not give or imply any guarantees or responsibility for the operation or the effectiveness of the system or for any loss or damage incurred as a result however caused. 14. We can NOT guarantee to keep all or part the system working if we do not have a replacement part available or for any other reason out of our control. For example If you have no Mains available to system, 15. Any service or maintenance carried out after the expiry date of the paid for period this contract as stated on renewal invoice. 16. Wireless/ Hybrid Systems: we will replace the batteries in all detectors, bells, keypads and fobs every 2 years as per the agreement upon installation if they are not replaced regularly we cannot cover them in the maintenance agreement and call outs due to this fault will be chargeable. We must insist you use batteries supplied by Spansec security as they are for an accredited distributor and we guarantee them for 2 years. If you use your own batteries and the fail or fault this will not be covered under your maintenance agreements and a service call will be charge to rectify the faults.

SCHEDULE OF COVER*:This is for the audible alarm system as installed.  If you have Remote Signalling then additional conditions will apply to satisfy requirements. See separate schedule.

Maintenance cover schemes are available as follows: COVER IS STATED ON ANNUAL RENEWAL INVOICE


    2 star     This excludes sections 4. and 7. ( ie. customer pays for all parts used )

    1 star     This excludes sections 1. 4. 5. 6. and 7. (for systems with comms only cover)

Systems without maintenance cover will be charged on a time and parts basis for all calls made even if the fault is not   detected on a previous visit. No after hours calls are made unless the system is causing a nuisance. Response time to calls is   normally within same day but can not be guaranteed as priority is given to contract customers over all other work.This cover is only validated upon payment in advance of the contract cost and expires on the last day of the month shown on the renewal invoice irrespective of any outstanding PM visits. No refund is offered on contracts cancelled part term. The customer is deemed to agree to the above terms upon payment.


 Redcare/Dual Comm/ Digital Communicators to an ARC only          

This agreement is made between Spansec Security (who is acting as an agent only) and   the named customer, using our communicator and the services of our alarm monitoring service centre that supply the monitoring of the communicator under contract. By having the system installed the customer agrees to the terms and conditions within.The communicator is deemed to be the communication board (modem) fitted to the control panel and the interface (if any) from the panel output stage to the B.T. block as supplied, including any triggering device and the communicator’s power supply. This does not include any Auto diallers. Eg: SD1 unless integral.The ownership of all the equipment fitted that is deemed to be the said Communicator is and shall remain at all times the property of Spansec . The customer will return the equipment or the cost of replacement at no more than its value of £250.00 following the termination of this contract. Spansec will provide service and maintenance of the communicator   in   line with all current BS EN requirements, to include the routine testing and engineer resetting of the communicator whether asked for by Central Station, Police or by the customer.   The customer agrees that this does not give or imply a guarantee that the equipment can not fail to operate for whatever reason. Spansec acts as agents only, and will not accept any responsibility for the actions of the Central Station that provides a monitoring service, to respond to calls from the communicator in line with the new Police Policy, subject to continued acceptance of the system conforming   to   all   aspects of the Police Policy   and   the under mentioned terms and conditions of use.

By ordering the system the customer agrees to be totally responsible for the following…

(a) All charges and rental costs made by British Telecom or any other telephonic operator, whether direct or via the alarm Service. To   include the supply and rental of a terminal block if fitted. (b) All charges made by Spansec in connection with any service calls that are made when the fault is attributed to the telephone connection or   BT. Equipment. All monitoring costs and charges made by the monitoring company in advance of service and all administrative costs charged in connection with the update of notifications to Keyholder changes to Central Station and the Police to comply with any policy in force now or in the future. Payment to Spansec for any maintenance calls and or repairs to the equipment if not covered by a system maintenance agreement. If a maintenance agreement is in force, all benefits and terms within that agreement shall apply.  All calls for service and problems inc filter fitting due to conflicts with Internet or similar conflicts. All charges made in respect of any physical or electrical damage to the equipment however caused. This will include all storm related damage that should be covered by insurance.(c) The customer will give 30 days notice of termination of this contract and it will be deemed cancelled on removal by us of our equipment. The customer agrees to maintain payments to this date.

(d) The customer will notify the company in good time of any changes in Keyholder to allow us to relay the information as is required. The Central Station is now responsible for calling Keyholder and we maintain the list for their information and that of the Police. All Keyholder must conform to the Police requirements. (e) Spansec will not pay any monitoring charges to the Central Station until all payments for monitoring and maintenance have been made by the customer and this is accepted that as a result of late payment, response to the system Will be withdrawn without notice on date of expiry. There is a reconnection charge following disconnection.(f) Spansec is deemed to accept no responsibility whatsoever for the actions or otherwise of any service given by the Central Station, British Telecom or their agents or the failure of the system to communicate a alarm signal for whatever reason.(g) By having the connection made the customer, is deemed to agree along with Spansec, to comply fully with the above and any requirements, either now or in the future, made by the Police or a Central Station update that may be required to continue this form of monitoring the Alarm System.(H) Spansec is deemed not to be responsible for the setting, programming or operation of any Auto Dial Unit that does not call our ARC but calls a customer’s number. This is deemed to be solely a customer operation.

* Please note by paying this invoice you accept our terms and conditions stated above.



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